Who is eligible for Portuguese citizenship?

If you are a child or a grandchild of the Portuguese, and get to know your chances to become a citizen of the european

Portugal has been one of the most sought by brazilians who want to build a better future outside of Brazil, there are more than 252 thousand brazilian, living in a regular situation in the Uk, according to data from the department of Foreign affairs and Frontiers.

Another fact that stands out is the large number of such Portuguese-designed. Since 2010, they have been recognized, more than 390 thousands of new citizens were born in Brazil. Between them, they are both brazilians, who reside in the Uk as people who have taken advantage of the benefit from the european passport for a living, working or studying in other countries that have agreements with the Uk and the European Union.

Benefits to citizenship: Portuguese

The passport is now the 6 th position of the most influential people in the world, according to the survey, the annual Henley Passport Index, which measures the power of the document, starting from the benefits related to the freedom of coming and going, and the chances to study and work in any part of the world, for example. Check out some of the advantages of the passport offers the following:

  • As an eu citizen, there are a number of advantages with respect to the input, and the output from the mainland, without the need for the passage of the act, or proof of return , for example.
  • The document is in Portuguese, also opens up the ability to visit, live, or work, without the need of a visa to any country of the European Union.
  • Outside of Europe, and the country has a number of different trade agreements that facilitate the entry and stay of citizens in other parts of the world, such as united states, Australia, and Japan.
But, after all, who has the right to Portuguese citizenship?

Among all the options that exist to achieve Portuguese citizenship, atuamos aqui no ALM Advogadas Associadas em três frentes: por descendência, por casamento e por tempo de resistência. Neste texto, vamos explicar como funciona a Portuguese citizenship by descent.

That is different from the Italian citizenshipthe transmission of the Portuguese citizenship by descent, has a limit on the generations to come. Thus, the children and grandchildren of Portuguese nationals or to persons to whom it has been attributed to the Portuguese nationality by descent, you have the right to citizenship. If a deceased person in Portuguese, is the great-grandfather, for example, it is necessary that all the descendants (children and grandchildren) to recognize the citizenship of the first one.

Also, it is a requirement that the child does not possess the conviction and sentence to a term of imprisonment or a more than three-years, with the entry into force of the court sentence, for an offence which is punishable according to the laws of massachusetts, as well as there is no link with the activities that may pose a threat to the security or national defense, in accordance with the laws of the country.

The first steps are to seek for the Portuguese citizenship

To start searching for the Portuguese, it is necessary, first of all, figure out if you have it. The best way to do this is to start from your family tree, that will guide you in the search for document that will give you the basis of the recognition process.

You can start from your own birth and that of his parents, and, from there, to go and ask what the previous generation, based on those documents. Ideally, it is already the structure of this family history research to the dates of birth and place of birth, as it helps you a lot in your time, to seek the additional documents. In addition to this, take the time to search for the maximum of your documents as you can, such as certificates of birth, marriage and all the people in the line of the seed, and preferably in the format of the entire content.


The city of Porto, in Portugal by Daniel Seßler/Unsplash)
What are the documents required for the process, and citizenship in portugal?

The documentation is at the heart of the whole process, and it is through them that you will be able to prove your relationship with the deceased person and the right to recognition everywhere in europe. Here's what the certificates are indispensable for the initiation of the process:

  • The certificate of Registration of the Birth parent to the Portuguese in nato;
  • The certificate of Registration of the Birth of the son of the Portuguese (as in the case of a net);
  • The certificate of Registration of Birth of the applicant;
  • Join their marriages.
  • The certificate of Criminal Record issued by the relevant services to the Portuguese, the country of birth and nationality, as well as one of the countries where you have been, and you have a residence

In addition to these required documents, there are others that are important to be included in the process, such as:

  • The register of the marriage, in order to check the correct perfilhação between the generations and, in particular, when there is a change of name after marriage, and when it is in Portuguese, or the child is in a straight line from the Portuguese, the accounts of the birth of the child;
  • For the Portuguese, who were married abroad, in particular in those cases in which the Portuguese, nato is not the accounts of the birth of the child, is required for the transcription of the marriage of his birth in that country, and, for this purpose, it is necessary to submit a request for transcript, together with a certificate of birth for the foreign-citizen spouse.
The importance of the legal analysis in the search for Portuguese citizenship

With all of the documentation together, we're going to review the law. In this step, performed before a apostilar of the certificates to the protocol, in Accordance with the Portuguese, they are given all the inconsistencies that are present in the documents. From this point on, right here in the In ADDITION to Lawyerswe have introduced a legal opinion indicating that all of the adjustments necessary to sign in to the process and to ensure its chances of success.

It takes into account the knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and of the decisions of the institutions of the Portuguese in the other cases, to verify that the certificates are in the clear, and that you have all the elements necessary to prove that the perfilhação, and the correct transmission of the Portuguese citizenship from generation to generation. The paper also points out which of the documents should be rectified, so as not to compromise the verification of the compliance of the application.

Amendments to the civil registry

Grinding is not the only uniform in the first and last names are present in the great number of the certificates in the folder of the family home is also to outline, weaving, and to demonstrate the transmission of citizenship has not been interrupted at any moment, but it passed through the affiliation in between your descendants after you.

To rectify the errors in the records of the civil brazilian-based on the birth certificates of the Portuguese, it is required for the issuance of a birth certificate certified Portuguese (duly apostilada in the Uk and is registered in the Registry of deeds and Documents, in Brazil. The corrections they are out-of-court or a court in Brazil, depending on each case, as provided in the Public Records Law.

How long does it take to get my passport in hand?

 The process time is estimated to be in the 24 months of the grandchildren, and 6 to 8 months for the children of the Portuguese nationals. 

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