How does it work in the search for Portuguese citizenship?

Get to know all of the steps in the process and be prepared to recognize the right to the citizenship of the Portuguese security

To Portuguese citizenship for the descent, a common law for the thousands of brazilians and opens up a wealth of opportunity to build a new future. Here at WE are Lawyers, we are in the process of the recognition of the Portuguese nation from end to end. In this article, you will get to know all of the steps that are part of our work in this regard. Here's to the next!

You want to find out if you have the right to Portuguese citizenship? Understanding your chance is here!

01 – First in service

Here at BEYOND, we are committed to, by direct contact with the client, we are looking for. Because of this, the first of the care that is individualized and carried out by one of our members, or from one of the lawyers on the team. At this time, we seek to understand the history and the specifics of your case. It is also here that we have presented to the entire structure of the our office and we'll put together throughout the process. We believe that the trust relationship has been established with the families, from the beginning, this is what is most precious to them to continue along the path on the hunt for the citizens.

02 – the Verification of the eligibility of the quest for the award of the Portuguese nation

With the information you received during the first consultation, our team will open a folder of your family and prepare the documents for the control of the process: the family tree. On the basis of this, is made in the Control of Documents (cd-R) paper, which makes it possible for us to see which documents the family has been located and is there any certificate to be earned. In addition to this, the CDR points to which the documents are in the form of the correct and up-to-date, and what they go through an application for the issue of a duplicate, together with the registry.

To assist in this step, the documentation we provide with the service of search and search for the issue of certificates in Brazil and in Portugal, in addition to its folder in documents.

03 – execution of the contract

Unlike in the case of the recognition of the Italian, where it is more common for entire families to come to the same process, the contract for the Portuguese citizenship are, for the most part, of the individual. With the experience gained over the years of operation, we arrive at a model that is practical and safe for the subscription, what happens to the electronic format.

04 – Registering, and the meeting of the alignment

The contract is signed, we are committed to the process of the registration of the built-in and we scheduled a meeting and welcoming. This meeting is an opportunity for you to align with the information about the process and the next steps which will be carried out by our team.

05 – Searching, issuing, and receiving the certificates on the entire content

We search all the documents, which could not be found by the family, the issue of the certificates in the complete documentation for our clients, and with all the necessary paperwork together, we have initiated one of the most important stages of the process: the analysis of legal documents.

06 – Analysis of the legal document

This is the time when we usually call it the heart of the process. All of the certificates are to be analysed in detail by our expert team of attorneys. This analysis results in a legal opinion, which is also reviewed in detail by the members of the ALL-before sending to you. Also, we provide a framework, which we call the Line that there are Inconsistencies (the li), in which the grain of all of the errors, and the changes to the data found in the literature. LIN also the list of all the certificates, which we highly recommend, to amend, to increase the chances of success of the process, from citizenship to the portugal. The additional documents, which may aid in the recognition of europe they are also referred to in the opinion.

07 – Send and receive powers of attorney 

At this time, we will send to our customers by e-mail, to the attorney for the protocol of the proceedings in the Uk. The power of attorney to be signed should be submitted physically printed out in to the office. 

08 – Apostilamento

Folder document is complete, and includes all of the certificates shall be issued in whole form, and the birth of a copy reprográfica discussed, together with the power-of-attorney, and document for personal identification in a notarized copy of the certificate in the negative to the criminal (not required in the process of the grandchildren of Portuguese), we get to the stage of the apostilamento. Is it necessary to draw up a Brochure at the Hague, for the paperwork to be valid on the outside. When you get to the folder is completed, we conducted a review of the documents, and the order is sent to a distribution in the Uk.

09 – the administrative Process in Accordance with the Civil Registry in Portugal

In the process of the clients, WE are then distributed directly to the Portugal with the Office of the Civil Registry office having jurisdiction. The length of time varies with each individual office, and a type of the case: are the processes completed within the last two months, and the other in three years. The important thing here is to follow each step of the processing, administrative, beyond the document is complete and accurate. The main steps of the application process for citizenship are:

  1. The receipt of the request, in an office, embassy, consulate, or through the mail;
  2. The registration of the request;
  3. Consultation with external stakeholders;
  4. The verification of the documents submitted;
  5. An analysis of all of the conditions provided by law are met for the grant of nationality;
  6. The decision on the granting of nationality;
  7. The registration of the new Portuguese national in the Civil Registry of the Uk or to close the case.

At all stages of the process, the client is represented by its attorney, portugal, an integral part of the team, in ADDITION to, and you don't need to go to Portugal.

11 – the final Stage of the computerization of the registration of citizens in the Civil Registry in Portuguese

The decision is the fact that you recognize the citizenship of the applicant shall be sent, together with the certificates of comprobatórias in the process, the Record of the Portuguese Civil jurisdiction to the new declared by the Portuguese to be registered. From that moment on, our customers can pass the be the Portuguese recognized the right to, and actually.

From then on, the new citizen is Portuguese, you will receive your birth, and you can apply together with the consulate general is responsible for the documents, in countries such as the identity card and the passport.


Rely on expert help to recognize the citizenship of the european

In the process, conducted by WE are Lawyers, we work to improve the end-to-end, from the assembly in the folder of documents, surveys, certificates, correction of papers, apostilamentos application with the records Office and the follow-up, up to the receipt of their entry in the birth register. Upon the approval of the citizens, we remain with our advising schedule for your identity card and the passport from the consulate that has jurisdiction.

In addition to the headquarters in São Paulo, and Brasília, and we have teams that specialize in European Citizenship and the Right to Immigration enforcement in the Uk and in Italy, the professionals are ready to guide you to your family, to make his dream come true.


Find out more about the work we do in on our web site or write to: in order to rely on us to help in this quest! We carry out consultations with online users from throughout the country and living abroad.