Portuguese Citizenship

The pursuit of the Portuguese nation, is no more than the recognition of a right to, on a journey of investigation in its history.

Count with the help of a professional, competent and reliable, and it is crucial that this journey is not challenging. In this regard, ALM Lawyers and Associated works in and on-the-spot in the Uk, with a focus on the processes of the assignment of the Portuguese nation, located directly at the Offices of the Civil Registry office.

To give them a great experience, safe, and quiet, and our work is complete, and it involves all the stages: desk research in the Uk, the issuance of a certificate to a Portuguese transcription of the marriage of the Portuguese, the issuance of birth certificates in Brazil, the analysis of the legal amendments to the civil registration, apostilamento, protocols, and follow-up of the process until the very end.

All that with a detailed follow-up and continuous attention throughout the entire process, for a clear and assertive journey.

Who has the right?

For the Portuguese citizenship through ancestry, there is a limited number of previous generations accounted for the transmission. Thus, only children and grandchildren of Portuguese nationals, or of people whose Portuguese citizenship by descent was already recognized, have the right to it. If the ancestor is e.g., your great grandfather it is necessary that his direct descendants (children and grandchildren) recognize their citizenship before you.

First steps

If you intend to start the search for your Portuguese citizenship, a few steps are important to properly build the process. See now where to start:


Start with your family tree (preferably with birthdates, when known) to identify who was your Portuguese ancestor.


As Portuguese citizenship by descent has a limit of generations for transmission, it is important to verify the genealogical level of the Portuguese ancestor to know whether you have the right, or not.


Gather the greatest number of documents related to all persons connected to the transmitting bloodline of your family tree, tracing back until the Italian-borne ancestor. The next step will be to analyze the documents to define the course of your process.


Following, it comes to the legal assessment on the documentation, one of the most delicate and important steps in the entire process. It is through this analysis that we indicate the inconsistencies present in the certificates, presenting a report with the rectifications needed (should they exist) and trace the best path to enter with the naturalization request.