20 movies as well as television series for those who dream of having their citizenship of the european

A list for anyone who wants to get you in the mood for Italy, or the Uk as he goes in search of a dual-citizenship

The quest for citizenship, Portuguese, Italian and involves lots of steps, but you can imagine that in those countries, it is certainly a good incentive to go through all of them. We have separated the 20 films and tv shows that depicts, in some way, Portugal, spain and Italy-to help you get in the mood for these countries to get to know more of their history and culture, and falling in love with the beautiful scenery. We have made it with great care, so that you are able to take advantage of the gaps in the end of the year to be inspired by. Check it out!


1. The friend of genius

After finding out that his long-time friend has disappeared without a trace, a writer, recalls his turbulent friendships in a dangerous and fascinating Naples in the 1950's. An adaptation of the so-called tetralogy of naples by Elena Ferrante, it is one of the productions, the most important Italian of the past few years.

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2. The Great Beauty

After a life of success-are packed in the evenings, the roman, a writer, a 65-year releases a new look at the path, looking at the past and its present, “The Great Beauty”. The winner of the Oscar for the Best Film in Foreign, and in 2014, a film by Paolo Sorrentino, is a work that is visceral, and sensitive, on the quest of the main character, for something bigger and more meaningful.

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3. The Legacy Of The Italian

From the stories shared by Brazil and Italy, and the Legacy of the Italian deals of the Italian immigration and the cultural legacies left behind by the century XIX. With a beautiful image of the oregon, and the Northern part of Italy, the film shows the fusion of cultures through food, language, religion, music, architecture, and other factors to show that the roots of many brazilians and Italian descent.

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4. New beginnings

Based on the true story of the author Tembi Locke and the tv series new beginnings follows Amy, an artist, a north american who moved to Italy to study and to know the Lino, a chef in Italian. The two of them fall in love with and across a variety of situations together from the shock and the cultural and geographical make-up of the difficulties that life presents to them in the course of the story.

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5. The Hand of God.

Set up by the Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, such as “a movie of the memory, The mother of God depicts the everyday life of a young Italian, a fan of diego Maradona who lives in her mature while dealing with the surprise of a lifetime. This is a portrait of a sensitive and personal, is set in Naples in the ' 80s, on the paths that have inspired the whole of the work to Sorrento.

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6. People around the World

In Italy, both of which are retirees, and a dealer of antiques, team up to plan a new life in another part of the world. And so it begins People around the Worlda comedy that follows three men on the challenges of the journey, such as learning a new language, but also the dilemmas of growing older. 

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7. Love in Verona

A big fan of the works of Shakespeare, an English teacher, the dream vacation with her boyfriend in Verona, the city, the scene of Romeo and Juliet. With the demise of the relationship on the eve of the trip, she decides to follow the plan on her own. When you arrive in Italy, she has a few surprises, such as the need to reasonably split up the Airbnb with an infuriating british traveller who is in town for the festival of the wine.

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8. The White Lotus

The success of public and critics upon its release, the series returned for a second season, which takes place in the stunning scenery of the south of Italy. An all-inclusive luxury resort in Sicily, and is host to a number of issues, including those of the guests and the staff. It's a story with many layers that unfold from that look good on the social tensions of the present day.

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9. Rose and Boy

Sensitive and powerful, the film stars Sophia Loren shows the life of Madame Rosa, a former prostitute, an Italian, and a survivor of the Holocaust, which it passes to take care of the Boy, an immigrant, african orphan. With the beginning of times that the meeting becomes just a beautiful relationship based on respect and affection between the old and the young child, and shows us what the story is, in a sentence, there is always a chance to turn it into a new future.

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10. Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat

In the mini-series based on the book by chef Samin Nosrat, the author of business in different countries in order to explore the elements that it considers to be the key to the flavor. In the first episode, she asks for a tour in Italy, unveiling the secret, and the story of the ingredients and the dishes are Italian, and the oil of the olive oil to the real folder is in Italian. A series of four episodes, it's a full plate for those who want to reconnect with all the flavors of your story.

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11. The Gilded Cage

After 30 years of living in France, portugal, Mary, and Joseph, who are working now, and the caretaker of an apartment building, a luxury in Paris, they go back to their home country once they find out that they are the heirs to a wealthy relative, and it's far away. The residents of the building are none too happy about the news of the change and will do anything it takes so that you don't just go away.

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12. We The People

A series of documentary films produced by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos depict current issues in the Uk, and the challenge for the future of the country. With the help of experts, topics such as the immigration crisis, the demographic aging of the population, and long-term impacts on the economy are explored in the volume.

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13. The City In Which I Get Older

In a series of sensitive and close to The City in which I get older it tells the story of a Mother, and Teresa, two of my friends to the Portuguese, who decide to live in Brazil. The relationship between immigrants of their personalities are so different it leads to the beautiful reflection of new beginnings, choices, cultural differences, and all of your estranhamentos and pertencimentos.

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14. The Last Time I Saw Macao

The documentary tells the story of a man from Lisbon, you will receive an e-mail to a friend's for a long time, urging you to come to Macau, the chinese city with the great influence of the Portuguese, in which he has lived for many years. The trip turns out to be a throwback to her childhood memories, and to the remaining fragments of the past, and the happier times of his life.

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15. That is on the Earth, Not the Moon

With only a total of 440 inhabitants of the Island of the Crow, is the smallest of the archipelago of the Azores. During the course of four years, the film-maker George Torch immersed himself in the local scene, with record of anthropological, literary, documentary, mythology, and biography on quest to reconstruct the history of a civilization that has more than 500 years of its existence.

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16. Glory

In this series, the Portuguese international espionage takes place in the small town of Glory, in the Us, where she has been the scene of some of the most significant events of the Cold War in Europe, starting in 1968. The story follows an engineer, Radio Free Europe, which is involved in the secrets and mysteries of this period of turmoil.

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17. Blood of my blood

In this award-winning drama, social, Portuguese, Marie is a waitress who lives with her younger sister, She and her two sons in the suburbs of Lisbon, portugal. Determined to end the cycle of poverty in her family, the main character and his sister have to deal with a complicated situation that involves your children, Megan, and you can ruin your plans for a better life.

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18. The Portuguese nun

A French actress, of Portuguese descent who is going to Lisbon for a ride, a movie based on a book of letters written in the SEVENTEENTH century, in which she plays the role of a nun. During his stay in the Portuguese capital, it's quickly fascinated by a nun, who sees every night in the hill of Grace, which leads to the artist for a series of reflections on her past, her future, and the meaning of their existence.

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19. How Fernando Pessoa saved Portugal

In the short-film directed by Eugéne Green, the poet Fernando Pessoa, create an advertising slogan for a popular brand of soft drink and a cause of scandal to the authoritarian government of that time. In the 26th minute, the film brings out the poetry, stories, drama, and a good laugh.

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20. The Good People Of Portuguese

Filmed on 25 April 1974, on 25 November 1975, the film by Rui Simões, it portrays the story of the Carnation Revolution, a social movement that ousted the regime of the dictatorship that was in power from 1933, and resulted in the deployment of the State's Democrátivo in the Uk.

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